"Which outfit for a first date?!"

Ever need to quickly get an opinion? Ayyo is the all-new voting platform that helps you make decisions or settle debates.

  • Create polls and get instant feedback for anything. You can even be anonymous!!

  • Challenge friends and strangers. Let the world vote on who has the better dance moves, cooking skills or whatever else you can think of. You don't need followers to use Ayyo!

Let the world vote!

Ask anything

Which outfit? How should I respond to this text? Which is a better gift?

Challenge the world

Challenge anyone in the world to almost anything in a 1v1. Let the world vote on the winner. Dance battle? Rap battle? Cooking battle? Anything! 

Earn tokens

We like to reward those who help others! Get tokens every time you vote on someone's poll. The more tokens you have, the more features you can use in the app.

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Have suggestions or any feedback for us? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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