Community Standards

I want the early Ayyo users like YOU to have a say in how we build this platform. This app is RAPIDLY improving so be patient. We do not charge money for GPT 4 like other apps. Even the official ChatGPT charges for using GPT 4. We are a very small company that wants to build a fun community everyone can enjoy. Help us out a little as we try to grow. Give us a 5 star rating if you think we've done a good job. Please abide by the rules below:

No Nudity

Do not post explicit or suggestive adult content anywhere, including your profile picture or description. Let's keep it classy!

No Spam

Do not post spam or content that is gibberish.

No Hate

Hate speech or any content that is suggesting racism, bigotry or discrimination is not allowed here.


Please don't hesitate to use the report button whenever you encounter anything suspicious. To report a post, tap the three-dots button located on the bottom right of each post.

Be Kind :)

We are all competitive here, but also real people with lives, dreams, and passions. Be gentle, be kind!

Thank you!

Have fun and I wish you the best of luck in your search for friends and fun! God bless!


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